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Join Positive Ways for action on your professional & personal growth

About Us

PW apply DENT© peer coach principles, based on lived experience, professional qualifications, and success.  The simple philosophy is that as we develop, our potential grows. To succeed is to surpass our challenges; business, career, relationships, and family. This is achieved through calm lives, clear thinking, and effective action, that is through Positive Ways and DENT© Peer Coaching.

Key Features

Experience qualified coach facilitators, providing: 

Clear objective, focused outcomes

Focused or bespoke programmes according to your needs

One to one, face to face or online interaction

Communities of Practice to confidentially develop your skills

Accredited qualifications 

CPD evidenced development

Social Media groups and/or online conferences 


Positive Ways are pleased to provide testimonials for their work:

And as clients have said, our program has said of Emma:

She ‘taught me not to give up in the hardest of circumstances, to believe in myself, to use the tools and believe that they work’

Has ‘helped me to see me and find me’.

‘You really see a person and not just a client’.

‘I have total confidence in you. You have total understanding’.

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